Where to Find Street Art and Graffiti in Budapest

The gret wall mural by Fatheat

Where to Find Street Art and Graffiti in Budapest

Budapest is a city filled with beautiful, and dilapidated buildings, and sadly as many old buildings get pulled down an empty firewall or empty walls pop up in their place. The good news though is that local and international artists and collectives have jumped on the chance to decorate these urban pieces of canvases with colourful murals, and artistic graffiti.

Next time you’re in Budapest, step away from the museums and explore the streets of made up of murals, stencils, graffiti, and paste ups. 

The Murals of the Jewish Quarter

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Budapest’s street art, start with the murals in the Jewish Quarter. Once dull firewalls have got a pop of colour in the form of Alice in Wonderland, a Greengrocer’s, Swallows and other murals. Collectives like Neopaint Works and Színes Város (Colourful City Group) work to bring colour to the inner city.

The great thing about this is you can just explore the neighbourhood and keep your eyes open to the bright firewalls around each corner, however if you like to do things more strategically, you can use our street art map to plan your street art route.

A good place to start is around Rumbach Sebestyen street, where you’ll find the Rubik’s Cube, the mural dedicated to Hungarian footballer Ferenc Puskás, the former Austrian Empress and Queen of Hungary Sisi, then you can head a couple of streets up to Kazinczy Street, where wall art depicting the alien space invasions and stylised maps of hang above the ruin bars and beer gardens.

See below some of the most significant murals in the Jewish quarter made by Hungarian and local artists:

Rubiks cube mural

Photo: budapestflow.com

Landscape mural by Neopaint in Budapest

Photo: budapestflow.com

Love thy Neighbours street art Luke Embden in Budapest

Photo: budapestflow.com

Mural in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest by Dan Ferrer

Photo: budapestflow.com

Angel San Briz mural in Budapest by Okudart

Photo: budapestflow.com

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Murals beyond the downtown area

But if you can’t get enough murals, you can find a few more off the beaten path away from the VII District, even in Buda. Check out the street art under Elizabeth Bridge just behind Rudas Bath, or head all the way south to Rákóczi Bridge where you’ll find great street art away from the tourists on both sides of the river. Just see our map to find these.  

Mural by Pubberoner Budapest

Photo: budapestflow.com

On Earth, Wather and Air. Aritst: Pubberoner (HUN)

Elizabeth bridge, Buda side


Jing Jang City Bakos Zsuzsi mural Budaest

Photo: budapestflow.com

Jing Jang City. Aritst: Zsuzsi Bakos (HUN)

Elizabeth bridge, Buda side


Ruben Sanchez mural Budapest

Photo: budapestflow.com

Street art by Mr Trash in Budapest

Photo: szinesvaros.hu

The Alternative Art of Stickers, Stencils, and Paste Ups

In 2018, Budapest’s street art made the news when a stencil of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on a toy train popped up overnight on Rumbach Sebestyén street. At first, there was some speculation it was a real Banksy, but Banksy or not it was painted over pretty quickly. Soon the truth of art’s ownership came out, when parody political party the Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (Two-Tailed Dog Party) revealed they were behind it under the  “Real Basky,” a Banksy imitation.

Soon you could find the Real Basky everywhere in the city with stickers and stencils of the iconic image covering the walls from lamposts to the doors of the St. János Hospital. You never know when the Real Basky will strike again, but keep an eye on their Instagram page to see when a new one pops up.

Basky street art

Photo: budapestflow.com

Another stencil and paste up street artist to look out for is Miss KK, one of the most prominent female street artists in Budapest. She plasters stickers of “dolls,” exaggerated and stylised female figures often with a political or social message, on abandoned phone booths or flaking walls in the city.

Stickers, stencils, and paste ups may not have the longevity of their mural counterparts, but you can still spot them around the Jewish Quarter, especially around the arcaded alley on Dob and on Kazinczy street

Sticker by Miss KK Hungarian Street artist

Paste up by Miss KK. Photo: budapestflow.com

Paste up by Miss KK Hungarian female street artist of Budapest

Paste up by Miss KK. Photo: budapestflow.com

Street art by Miss KK in Budapest

Paste up by Miss KK. Photo: budapestflow.com

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Spray Paint and Paste-ups in the Ruin Bars

You won’t just find graffiti on the street, but Budapest’s ruin bars come decorated with tags and urban art. Head into the drinking wonderland of Szimpla Kert, where the walls are covered in all kinds of art.

Although most of the graffiti manifests in scribbles in biro or marker pen by travelling guests – usually hearts with a date and a name – and by inspired locals inscribing political and social commentary (or just drunk banter), you may find some curious pieces of street art like Buddha among all the pen strokes on the wall.

You can also find street art, murals, and graffiti in the more counter cultural venues, like Auróra, Gólya, and Vittula, as well as mid-way ruin bars like Ellátó Kert where you’ll find a mix of Aztec murals mixed up with stickers and graffiti.

Spray art Szimpla Kert ruin bar

Spray art at Szimpla kert ruin bar. Photo: budapestflow.com

Sticker at Szimpla kert ruin bar

Sticker at Szimpla kert ruin bar. Photo: budapestflow.com

Paste up at Aurora underground cultutal center at Budapest

Paste up at Auróra underground cultural center. Photo: budapestflow.com

Street art at Aurora Edward von Longus

Stencial by Edward von Longus at Auróra underground cultural center. Photo: budapestflow.com

Guerrilla mini stateus by Kolodko Mihály

The Tiny Tank. Photo: kolodkoart.com

Mihály Kolodko was born in Ukraine with Hungarian origins, he graduated from Lviv Academy of Arts. After dabbling in larger sculptures, Kolodko decided in 2010 to devote his work solely to the miniatures he’s now become famous for. Most of Kolodko’s artworks are guerilla sculptures, however, there have been commissions recently.

The majority of his mini statues can be found in the inner neighborhoods of Budapest, hidden away in nooks and crannies on either side of the Danube.

Some of his artwork refers back to staples of Hungarian media, others commemorate great Hungarians of the past, and there’s even a little wry political commentary in there too.

Where to find Graffiti in Budapest

You don’t have to stay in the Jewish Quarter to see some great street art. In fact, it’s worth getting away from the crowds and exploring a different side of the city. Take the local suburban railway to the northern suburbs in Óbuda to Filatorigát, where you’ll find one of the few legal graffiti walls in the city. Just outside a cluster of abandoned industrial buildings, there is 400 meters of space where anyone with a spraypaint can is allowed to create art or tag. This colourful wall is a living canvas of art that will be different each time you visit.

Wall art at Filatorigat legal gfafitti wall

Photo: budapestflow.com

Wall art at Filatorigat legal gfafitti wall

Photo: budapestflow.com

Wall art Filatorigat legal graffiti wall Budapest

Photo: budapestflow.com

If you want to check out another legal graffiti wall, then you may want to make a detour to the wall at Szemeretelep when you’re headed to the airport.

At the invitation of the local mayor, street artists turned this wall near the Ferihegy airport into an open air work of art with colourful and artistic renditions that make it worth going out of town or at the very least, a little side trip when traveling to and from the airport.

Spray art Szemeretelep

Photo: facebook.com/MOShungary

Graffiti at Szemeretelep Budapest

Photo: facebook.com/MOShungary

Graffiti art Szemeretelep

Photo: facebook.com/MOShungary


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