Unique souvenir tips from Hungary

Medence Csoport

Unique souvenir tips from Hungary

Every city and country has its own characteristic souvenirs that travellers feel obliged to purchase but the locals would never buy. If you want to get something really unique in Hungary, we’ll show you what the most exciting places are for it, who the designers are and what kind of things to get.

Folk art: Matyodesign

Matyo design

photo: matyodesign.hu

Matyó needlework is one of the most frequent pattern on Hungarian souvenirs, but very often what you get is only a weak imitation or mass-produced, inferior work.

The two sisters behind Matyodesign, Rozi and Borbála Váci lived in Tard until they were old enough to go to school, so authentic matyó needlework was a part of their childhood. The work of their past nannies have by now gotten all over the world thanks to their own enterprise, thus continuing and reinterpreting tradition.

Why Matyodesign?
Because they now employ 18 women in Tard, and for every piece you also get a gift casd showing who made this particular T-shirt or hoodie. Which, incidentally, we can plan ourselves!

Where to get it in Budapest?
Here is a list of stores that carry Matyodesign.

They do post to abroad too, for this you need to conact them at info@matyodesign.hu

Recycling: Medence Group

Medence Csoport

photo: medencedesign.com

Have you ever wondered what happens to that immense amount of plastic tarp used on the side of buildings when redecorating them or used as advertisements?

If all goes well, they end up at the Medence Group, who clean them and make things out of them: everything from selective trash cans to furniture, but mostly and to our greatest joy, bags in all sizes and to the customer’s needs. They also offer individual, custom-made pieces too.

Why Medence Csoport?
Because they have been in the forefront of the Hungarian design all spirit for more than 10 years.

Where to get it in Budapest?
TheHQ of the Group in right next to the most popular bicycle marketplace in town – make sure to check it out if you’re in the neighbourhood!

Ordering from abroad?
The homepage doesn’t explicitly offer such an option, but these are resourceful people, so they can surely manage – write to them at info@medencecsoport.hu

Here is a list of stores abroad that carry their products.

Glasses: Vinylize by Tipton

Tipton glass

photo: vinylize.com

Here is an optician where they make frames out of vinyl, but they also make cases for your glasses or even lampshades out of old vinyl records. As so many other stories, this also started when Zakariás Tipton couldn’t find frames that he liked, but he did find his father’s vinyl collection. Since then, they have been running the enterprise together with his brother, now also doing the production part themselves.

Although their frames are popular all over the world, the widest selection is available for Hungarian customers – so if you want really special frames, don’t hesitate and check out their showroom at Erkel street 3. With any luck, you can get some of the last pieces from the Cinematique collection, which they don’t make any more.

Why Vinylize by Tipton?
These are handmade glasses, with all production phases in Hungary, but famous all over the world – who wouldn’t like glasses like Quentin Tarantino has?

Where to get it in Budapest?
1093 Budapest, Erkel street 3.

Ordering from abroad?

Check out vinylize.com for further information

Tattoos: Tatz

Tatz tatto

photo: tatz.hu

When on holiday, partying, or simply getting enthusiastic – ever thought about getting some really unique tattoos? Thanks to Tatz, you don’t have to go and endure the pain in an actual tattoo place: these removable tattoos work fine for those too who have already grown out of children’s removables.

Why Tatz?
Because it doesn’t contain anything toxic, it is safe, designed and produced in Budapest.

Ordering from abroad?
Buy products from here.

jigsaw puzzle: Kirakós Budapest

jigsaw puzzle Kirakos budapest

photo: facebook.com/kirakosbudapest

What’s better than a souvenir that entertains, it’s unique, and supports local art? Kirakós Budapest is a new wave jigsaw puzzle designed by Hungarian artists and designers. There are 300 pieces to choose from, and the revenues go to local creatives. Each puzzle box includes a music and snack recommendation, to create a special full experience

Why Kirakós Budapest?
Because puzzles are a cool gift that your dear ones can actually use! It’s a fun game to do in company or alone, and at the end, they can hang a piece of Hungarian art on the wall.

Where to get them?
Online, for 9900 HUF each, at kirakosbudapest.com

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