Graffiti Workshop & Street Art Tour

About This Project

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    The experience is available on a private booking basis
  • Price
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  • What’s included?
    A 3-hour-long Street Art Tour and a 2-hour-long Graffiti Workshop led by a local artist and all of the necessary equipment

How does this experience look like?

  • You participate in a comprehensive Street Art Tour in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest to learn about Budapest’s diverse and ever-growing street art scene
  • Afterwards, you will visit a local art studio to learn the meditative inspiration of graffiti-based art forms with the help of a graffiti writer
  • Prior to the graffiti workshop, every participant is given the chance to select a design that resonates with their personality or creative spark. Once the perfect pattern is chosen, the graffti instructor pre-sketches the artwork, and provides comprehensive instructions on the techniques involved, and demonstrates the application of spray paint

Experience description

Have you ever dreamed of the thrill of popping open a fresh spray can and actually plastering a piece of street art on the wall somewhere?

We’ve partnered with some of the best local graffiti artists in all of Budapest to turn that dream into a reality. Learn the ropes from the people who electrify our cityscape with so much soul and color.

In conjunction with our groundbreaking Street Art Tour, you now have the chance to sign up for a bonus Graffiti Workshop. Get inspired by the walls and learn to channel that with the power of paint in a studio downtown.

We use solely water-based paints for our artwork, completely free of any toxic substances. This ensures that our creations are not only inspiring but also sustainable and safe for health.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any previous experience with spray paint, graffiti or street art; can I still participate in the graffiti workshop?
Of course, the graffiti workshop is perfect for beginners. Graffiti is a medium meant for everyone to enjoy.

Can I participate in the graffiti workshop without booking the Street Art Tour?
Yes, please fill out the inquiry form in this page to discuss any customized booking options.

What’s the language of the Street Art Tour and the Graffiti Workshop?
This experience is only available in English for now.

What’s included?
A 3-hour-long Street Art Tour and a 2-hour-long Graffiti Workshop led by a local artist and all of the necessary equipment.

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