Buy non-touristy souvenirs in Budapest

WAMP design fair

Buy non-touristy souvenirs in Budapest

Your friends and family back home are bound to be jealous of your trip to Budapest – so the very least you can do is bring them back a souvenir or two, so they can share in a little bit of this cities magic with you.

Thing is, they’re probably tired of fridge magnets, postcards and usual cliche stuff you can pick up in most cities. If you’re looking for something a little more unique and craftsy, here’s some places to check out.

Printa Design Shop

Printa design shop


Printa is a gallery, cafe and workshop all rolled into one. Their main focus is eco-friendly, which you’ll find all their goods – accessories, homeware and clothing by local independent labels – to be.

Through their workshop, they also host regular educational events so you can see what goes into their products – so if you want to really get involved rather than just browsing and sipping coffee – this place has your covered.

Location: Printa design shop, 7 th district, Rumbach Sebestyén street 10.

Paloma Design Center

Paloma design center


Paloma is an effort by Zsuzsanna Kárpáti Hungarian to bring back some of Kossuth Lajos Street’s former glory. Once a major shopping street in the city, it’s looking a little shabby these days,which is a shame, because it’s also a street of immense architectural beauty.

Paloma – once a mall – has, since 2014, come back to life as a “contemporary creative project with design stores and gallery spaces”. Pay a visit today and you’ll find a variety of local designer’s workshops alongside temporary pop-up stores and two gallery rooms. Occasionally the space also lays on events that attract figures from across the art world.

Location: Paloma design center, 5 th district, Kossuth Lajos street 14-16.

WAMP Design Fair

WAMP design fair


Describing itself as “more than just a fair”, WAMP is a once-ish a month gathering of local artists and designers in different inspiring locations all over Budapest. From artwork to jewellry and clothing you’ll find a wide variety of creatives wares available at their fairs.

Running for over 10 years, WAMP also considers itself more than just a place to buy art, but also as a place to see and be seen with the creative community in Budapest, and you’ll find both locals, expats and tourists all hanging out there.

Check it out at one of its regular fairs – and keep an eye on local festival listings, as you might find them there as well.

Location: WAMP design fair, 2 th district, Kis Rókus street 16-20

Rododendron Design shop

Rododendron design shop


Once a tiny gallery right in the heart of the downtown, Rododendron has grown into a full-time design store selling, among other things, bags, jewellry, accessories and even camera’s from a wide range of local and international artists.

They host regular exhibitions in store, and you can often find them at local fairs, festivals and art programmes.

Location: Rododendron design shop, 5 th district, Semmelweis street 19.

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FlatLAB design shop

Flatlab design shop


If you like your boutiques off the beaten track, then this is about as hidden as it gets. Take a trip to Budapest’s relaxed VIII district and on the third floor of a quiet courtyard building you’ll find this hidden studio shop, FlatLAB.

It’s founded and run by a collective of local clothing designers that moved on from previous ventures and sells men’s and womenswear inside a building with a strikingly minimalist interior.

Location: Flatlab design shop, 8 th district, Baross street 3.

Unique map of Budapest

My little guide to Budapest


Finally, if you’re looking for a different sort of map of Budapest – one that focusses on the city’s unique spots & streets – the “My little map of Budapest” map is for you.

Artfully created by Designliebe, as well as looking beautiful should you decide to hang it on the wall, it’s a great guide for both those new to Budapest and locals who want to discover something hidden.

The map promises to “guide you towards the most exciting places and hidden gems, roof tops, wine & cocktail bars, pubs, clubs, design & fashion shops, restaurant & bistros, coffee & teahouses in and around the city center” – and is complete with 60 verified tips and even daily suggested routes.


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