The latest street art in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest

Street art by Vidám the Wierd in Budapest

The latest street art in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest

Budapest is a city of great creatives minds, and one of the most visible manifestations of this is the city’s grand street art which turns the Jewish Quarter into a regularly changing open-air gallery.

The Színes Város Festival celebrates and promotes the work of both local and international talent with 6 new murals going up in the neighborhood each year. This year’s theme is gastronomy and wine, and we decided to take a look at what’s waiting to be discovered this year.

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Dan Ferrer – 27 Kertész Street

Alice in wonderland - street art in Budapest

photo: Színes Város Festival

This is the most recent addition to the festival lineup – an evocative street art by Spanish artist Dan Ferrer, who has word displayed in some of the world’s great cities, including New York, Rome, Milan, and London.

The mural features a haunted-looking girl – tired and scared, looking out from her home. Ferrer has previously talked about the importance of his work sending powerful messages, and this is no different – children need to be nurtured and motivated to reach their full potential and here an Alice In Wonderland-like character has seen a glimpse of the life ahead of her and is ready to break free into the world.

Fat Heat, Mr.Zero, and Obieone – 27 Kertész Street

Fat heat - street art in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest

photo: Színes Város Festival

This colorful piece takes the culinary theme and blasts it right into the fictional universe of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. For the unfamiliar, the street art shows a rather exotic-looking wine being poured – in this case, a generous helping of Gargle Blaster, a drink invented by the story’s ex-President of the Universe, Zaphod Beeblebrox.

The three Hungarian artists who created the mual- Fat Heat, Mr.Zero and ObieOne said of their work, “we’d like to share the recipe with the people of Budapest before the planet is destroyed to make way for the Vogons hyperspace bypass”. The clues, it seems, are in the mural itself.

Street art by HRVB – 27 Kertész Street

Hrvb - mural in Budapest Kertész street

photo: Színes Város Festival

This street art pays homage to one of Hungary’s favorite ingredientspaprika – and one of the best dishes to make with it –  pörkölt (stew) – which, by the way, always tastes better with some wine.

This mural uses the abstract style to emulate a chaotic kitchen, with the delicious pörkölt coming to life on the left, while on the right, paprika is the subject of a painting within a painting.

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Mural by Vidam The Weird – 27 Kertész Street

Street art by Vidám the Wierd in Budapest

photo: Színes Város Festival

Berlin-based Vidam The Weird was born in Hungary and is back to entertain us with this warm and geometrically-pleasing depiction of a friendly and familiar scene – someone buying some apples at a farmers’ market.

Recently, several farmers’ markets have launched or been renovated in the center of Budapest, looking to promote themselves as not just a place to buy everyday essentials, but also as living, breathing social and creative hubs and something that the community can really be proud of.

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Street art by Attila Balogh – 14 Nagy Diófa street

Mural by Attila Balogh in Budapest

photo: Színes Város Festival

The festival’s most colorful piece yet is a stunning work by local artist Attila Balogh. And, at 200 meters squared, it’s also the largest work on display and took 8 painstaking days to create.

His dedication certainly paid off, though, and here we see Dionysus who happens to be the Greek goddess of grapes and winemaking – fitting the festival’s theme nicely. Perhaps reflecting on the crazy nature of the city’s party district, Dionysus pours wine and looks to the sky, hoping that the leopard resting in her arms can resist the urge to go crazy.

+1: Mr.Trash – Rákóczi Bridge (Buda Side)

Street art by Mr Trash in Budapest

photo: Színes Város Festival

A bit of a walk from the others, and definitely more subtle, this piece depicts a date gone wrong. Two champagne glasses sit opposite a man – but black smoke rising from them hints that the date was a no-show.

Our protagonist sits with a paper bag over his head – a trademark of Mr.Trash’s work – and this mural is supposed to encourage people to reflect on the loneliness of a world where people increasingly live their lives online.


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