How To Dine and Drink in Style in Budapest

Dobrumba restaurant in Budapest's Jewish district

How To Dine and Drink in Style in Budapest

In our previous post, we gave you the lowdown on where to enjoy a hearty breakfast and some great coffee in Budapest. Hopefully, you took our advice to hand and then spent a lovely day exploring the city.

With that behind you, your tummy is no doubt rumbling and you probably wouldn’t mind finding a place to enjoy a few beers and immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture. Luckily, Budapest’s Jewish Quarter has got you covered on both fronts and we’re going to show you where.

Somewhere for dinner

Macesz Bistro Jewish Restaurant


The city’s Jewish Quarter is a place of old and new, as well as revival – and this is most obvious when trying to find somewhere to eat. Long neglected, the neighborhood’s cavernous buildings have, of late, been repurposed into some of the trendiest bars and restaurants anywhere in the city.

Jewish cuisine has also experienced a rebirth, as the community that supports it finds their feet again in this newly energized part of the city. Macesz Bisztro is one of our favorite reflections of this – a restaurant that seems to marry the fine dining experience with an air of breezy chic. While a little on the pricey side, the food is excellent, the ingredients fresh and the staff awesome.


Dobrumba restaurant in Budapest's Jewish district


Another wildly popular restaurant new to Budapest is Dobrumba with it’s relaxed and oh-so-cool design. On the menu, you’ll find tapas style dishes – great for sharing – that infuse Middle Eastern and Mediterranean tastes.

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov Jewish Restaurant


Want something a little more casual? Well, try Mazel Tov, a ruin pub meets restaurant-type venue, set in a gorgeously lit and spacious courtyard and with a menu that includes great cocktails and Mediterranean and Israeli treats. Or, try Konyha, an up and coming ‘posh’ restaurant, that’s fast making a name for itself in a city square frequented by the city’s hipsters.

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Bors Gasztrobár

Bors street food restaurant


And finally, if you prefer some street food, then be sure to check out Bors GasztroBár, a place with good, simple food and a vibrant atmosphere guaranteed. Try their daily specials of soups and baguettes, among other creations.


Kisüzem alternative bar Budapest


Thirsty? We are, and it just so happens that the Jewish Quarter is the epicenter of cool pubs and ruinbars in Budapest. We suggest you start the night at Kisüzem, a cultural hotspot that seems to attract all the city’s most interesting characters and has a fine selection of rums and whiskeys. Or, you could check out Fekete Kutya, another favorite of Budapest’s creative youth, with a admirable selection of Czech and local beers.

Neked Csak Dezső

Neked Csak Dezso craft beer pub


If it’s craft beers you want, then you’d do well to visit Neked Csak Dezső, one of the best and busiest craft beers in the city. They have a rotating selection of local and imported greats and a smart and slightly industrial feeling two-floor layout.


Hopaholic craft beer bar Budapest


Or, there’s Hopaholic which, as the name suggests, caters to those with a real taste for good craft beers – it’s located just a little away from the action of the Jewish Quarter, and it’s a big place with plenty of nooks to sit and relax in. And, if you like drinking in a cellar, head down inside Léhűtő – a small place with some big name craft beers and a relaxed atmosphere.

Doblo Wine & Bar


And, this wouldn’t be a worthy drinking guide if we didn’t give a shout out to Doblo Wine Bar. Enter speakeasy-style through some curtains that shroud the door and feel like you’ve entered a cozy cellar – complete with dim table lighting and an enticing floor-to-ceiling wine rack behind the bar.


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