A Guide to Budapest’s Small & Local Art Galleries

Chimera Project Gallery

A Guide to Budapest’s Small & Local Art Galleries

Budapest is a hub for arts and design, and the best way to go out and experience the city’s living and breathing arts scene is to explore some of the smaller galleries. While Hungarian National Gallery can give you an overview of Hungarian art history, delve more into the contemporary art scene in Budapest.

Deák Erika Gallery

Deák Erika Gallery

Photo: facebook.com/deakgaleria

This is one of Budapest’s most established galleries, running since 1998. It showcases a wide range of artists from local to international artists, some painting on canvas to multi and mixed media projects. It also collaborates with other galleries from time to time when it comes to putting on exhibitions.

Location: Deák Erika Galéria, VI district, Mozsár street 1.

Chimera Projekt

Chimera Project Gallery

Photo: facebook.com/ChimeraProject

Set on Klauzál Tér, the Chimera Projekt delivers a varied selection of Central Eastern European art from the avant-garde to more conservative styles. The small gallery founded in 2013 by Swiss-Hungarian duo Patrick Urwyler and Boglárka Mittich specialises in artists on an international level including artists from Hungary and the surrounding countries.

Location: Chimera Project, Klauzál square 5.


Puccs Contemporary Art Gallery

Photo: facebook.com/puccsbp

This micro-gallery is a blink and miss it place tucked in behind the Rákóczi Market. The gallery is barely a room, and usually has an artist in resident who works in the space. Even if the gallery is not closed, you can wander past the storefront and catch a glimpse of the exhibit. It features artists from Hungary and abroad, and due to its small space, only one artist at a time.

Location: Puccs, VIII district, Víg street 22.

Inda Galéria

Inda Gallery

Photo: facebook.com/inda.galeria

Open for over 10 years, Inda Galéria sells and promotes contemporary art in all forms of media, from painting to photography, even installations and video art. Exhibitions are curated here by in-house art historians who combine work from well-known and respected Hungarian artists to international ones. The gallery has also participated in a number of international art fairs, making its collection one that appeals to international buyers and collectors.

Location: Inda Galéria, VI district, Király utca 34.

Budapest Art Factory

Budapest Art Factory

Photo: facebook.com/BudapestArtFactory

Budapest Art Factory is a unique space. Its collective of Hungarian artists have set up their painting studios inside an old, dilapidated factory in the city suburbs from spring to autumn. While the BAF hold exhibitions and events, the artworks can be seen by appointment. Usually the Budapest Art Factory also brings in an artist of residence for a month from abroad.

Location: Budapest Art Factory, XIII district, Vizafogó street 2.

Resident Art Budapest

Resident Art

Photo: facebook.com/ResidentartBudapest

Tucked up in an apartment on Andrássy Avenue, Resident Art Budapest is not only a gallery, but also organises art tours round the city, so if you need a guide to the best kept secrets in the Budapest contemporary art scene, these are your guys. The showroom was established to showcase contemporary Hungarian artists, particularly those who are up and coming, but it also serves as an artistic base from which to start the tours.

Location: Resident Art Budapest, VI district, Andrássy street 33.

Budapest Art Quarter

Art Quarter Budapest

Photo: facebook.com/art.quarter.budapest

On the other end of the city, in the Budafok neighbourhood, Budapest Art Quarter is an impressive set up in an old brewery. Similar to Budapest Art Factory, the Budapest Art Quarter is a collective of artists, occasionally hosting events and vernissages to showcase the group’s, or guest artists’, work. The space itself is also impressive, making it worth the while to visit.

Location: Budapest Art Quarter,  XXII district, Nagytétényi street 48-50.

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