Farmer’s market out of the best ruin pub in Budapest

Szimpla farmer's market

27 Nov Farmer’s market out of the best ruin pub in Budapest

There’s no way you missed to hear about Szimpla ruin pub if you are even just planning your visit to Budapest. That is the oldest and the most popular ruin pub in the whole city, it made Kazincy Street as famous as it is and started the whole snowball of changing the life – especially nightlife – in Budapest. Well, we are pretty sure you know what we are talking about, but just hold on for a wee second. Have you actually heard about the ruin pubs can offer much more than an awesome night out?

Have you heard about Szimpla Farmer’s market? What? Farmer’s market of the bar? Yes, it is weird indeed, but it’s the most exciting market in town. It is not a classic market like the Vásárcsarnok (Central Market), not even a market hall, but inner hall of the ruin pub. Originally opened in 2012, it became popular very quickly. This Sunday market open from 9 AM to 2 PM, and offers primary producers only, and of course, tasting.

Szimpla farmer's market

There’s everything you need; fresh, healthy stock for your fridge and larder, fresh bakery and dairy products. Beside food, you can buy homemade cosmetics, made of natural stuff. Walk around, grab a cosy warm coffee and cake if you feel like having your breakfast there.

You should try some homemade cakes or strudels, made of seasonal fruits and products. If you rather fancy something savoury, there are sandwiches too, or try the famous Mangalica sausage, sometimes they do hot dogs with that too. If you are not a meat lover, don’t worry, they keep vegetarians and vegans in mind every day. Take an on the spot squeezed fruit or vegetable juice with it or the famous rose squash.

Szimpla farmer's market

Beside of the shopping or eating, when you enter this small market, you immediately find yourself at a very bohemian atmosphere. No wonder, there’re even street musicians playing on guitar, singing happily. There’s always some fun for the kids too, to play around.

Szimpla farmer's market

The great thing in Szimpla Farmer’s market is not just the market and the atmosphere, but the community around it. From the visitors donation they cook a massive lunch what they best upon civil organizations to spare it within the indigent families of the district. Any more questions? Give it a try!


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