Fall into fall – see the coloured leaves!

Fiumei street cemetery

Fall into fall – see the coloured leaves!

Considering that on average we have 1933 hours of sunshine a year, Budapest will still offer us some lovely sunshiny days throughout november, therefore we gathered the best parks to take an autumn stroll and admire the colorful leaves.

Margaret island

Photo: panoramio.com

Margaret (Margit) island is our Central Park in every sense, just instead of skyscrapers there is the Danube and the Parliament and Castle Hill around it. You can reach it easily by foot or the tram 4/6. Perfect for a jog, walking and exploring and after dark, do not miss the magical fountain with light and music show.


Photo: iho.hu

Normafa is a protected nature area, a vast forest on the highest peak of Budapest. Half an hour by public transport to get there from the centre and then it is up to you how much time you spend there, possible activities follows: visiting the Erzsébet watchtower, eating typical Hungarian foodlángos and strudel – , hovering in the chairlift, taking a magical ride on the one and only Children’s Railway.

Fiumei street cemetery

Photo: travelo.hu

The Fiúmei Street Cemetery,  the final resting place of famous Hungarians, is a true hidden gem in Budapest. It is considered as one of the most complete and beautiful National Pantheons in Europe and it is like an outdoor exhibition of sculpture, history and art – all this amongst 150-year-old trees.

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