Explore the Danube’s Hidden Gems by Bike

Kabin open air bar

Explore the Danube’s Hidden Gems by Bike

While the weather is good, get on your bike and explore Budapest in a way most visitors to the city won’t see. Walking around or taking the tram might be convenient and will get you to most of the sites, there is a side of Budapest you won’t want to miss and that’s the hidden gems hiding along the Danube. So rent a bike and get on the bike path to explore a side of Budapest you won’t find in the tourist brochures.

Cycling the Buda Side

Fellini Római

Fellini Római open air bar at the Danube. Photo: facebook.com/Fellini-Római-Kultúrbisztró

From Battyány Square onwards there is a great cycle route that will take you all along the Danube up as far as Szentendre. If you’re an ambitious cyclist, this is a great route on which to explore the city, taking you past Margaret Island and Óbuda Island, past wonders like the Óbuda Gasworks and then down to Római Part. If you want to stop off for a drink on the way, then Fellini on the Danube banks is the ideal destination. Park your bike and have a lemonade on the beach at Fellini before continuing down towards Szentendre.

Lupa island

Lupa island at the Danube. Photo: dunaiszigetek.blogspot.com

Just after you leave Budapest’s boundaries, you’ll notice the Danube narrowing again, as the beginning of Szentendre Island splits the Danube. Shortly after Megyeri bridge, you’ll notice a small island, Lupa island. This small island is only accessible by boat, and a great place to escape the chaos of the city. However, on the banks of the mainland, you’ll find other places to stop off at, like Ebihal büfé, a bar and café located on a moored boat in the Danube. Once you’ve fuelled up, you can either return to Budapest or cycle onto Szentendre.

Cycling the Pest Side


Retro bar at Népsziget. photo: panadea.com

You’ll also find a cycle route running along the Danube in Pest. Go off the beaten track and cycle onto Népsziget. While sziget means island, Népsziget is actually an islet that juts out into the Danube just off Angyalföld and Újpest. Népsziget is home to old ship-building factories and fried fish places making it a quirky, off-beat place if you’re done with seeing the famous sites.

Colorbar at Népsziget

Colorbar. Photo: facebook.com/ColorbarBudapest

If you and your two wheels find yourself here, then head over to alternative arts hub ColorbarSpecialising in upcycling, you can get all kinds of cool repurposed furniture and items at this suburban collective. But more than that, Colorbar is a community, organising events and workshops for the curiously minded. Just drop them a line and pay them a visit. Just avoid the temptation of buying anything that doesn’t fit on your bike (or come back later).

And once you’re done with Colorbar, you can head down to the latest and newest hotspot by the Danube, Kabin. Run by the same people as those behind Fellini over in Római Part, Kabin is the newest place to chill out in the summer, with deck chairs and colourful awnings overlooking the river.

Kabin open air bar

Kabin open air bar. Photo: facebook.com/kabinpart

So go rent a bike and get out there and explore a side of Budapest most travellers won’t get to see. Don’t be a tourist, get with the flow and see the spots only the locals know about.


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