Drink in Budapest’s Recycled Spaces

A38 ship

Drink in Budapest’s Recycled Spaces

Budapest is great when it comes to recycling old things and empty spaces. While many cities tear down dilapidated buildings, Budapest has a more thrifty attitude and tends to make even the most obscure and strange things into new objects – bars being no exception.

So if you ever wanted to drink on an Ukraine stone carrying ship or on top of a supermarket, then Budapest is your city. Check out our guide to the city’s most interesting recycled spaces where you can have a drink or five!

On an old bus

Két rombusz

photo: facebook.com/ketrombusz

Now that the weather is getting better, it’s slowly approaching the time of year when it’s time to hit Római Part for a few beers on the Danube banks. Két Rombusz is a creative collective of old vintage buses that act as a bar and streetfood centre. So sit on the top deck with a langos in hand and views over the river for that perfect summertime feeling.

On top of a supermarket

Corvin rooftop terrace

photo: corvinteto.hu

While the Corvin Supermarket might feel like a vintage eyesore that harkens back to Communist Hungary, take a turning down Somogyi Bela street and head to the top of this building for a club wonderland. Corvintető, which translates as Corvin Rooftop, is a hidden club on the top floor, with a lovely terrace on the top that has amazing views across the city. You’ll need quite a bit of energy to manage it up the graffiti covered steps to the top, but it’s worth it for a cold beer and the view!

On an Ukraine Stone Carrying Ship

A38 ship

photo: mwm.hu

Take the tram number 4 or 6 towards Moricz Zsigmond or Ujbuda Kozpont and get off on the Buda side of the Danube. You’ll notice the ship moored down by the river. A38 used to be Ukraine stone carrying ship that was built in the Ukraine, but today it actually houses one of the city’s best concert venues. Even if there is no band on that night and the ship’s bar is open, it’s worth it just to have a drink while gazing out across the Danube.

In an old swimming pool

Pagony kert

photo: facebook.com/Pagony1

We all dream about having drinks in a pool, but this time it’s different. Pagony Kert is no longer an active pool, but actually a bar set up in the empty basins that were once part of the Gellert Bath complex. So if you have just been for a swim at the neighbouring hotel, or on a hike up the hill, then Pagony is a great stopover for a drink or a snack. As a gastropub, you’ll also find some tasty things on the menu.

In a Former Glass Factory

Élesztő craft beer pub

photo: facebook.com/elesztohaz

The IX District used to be Budapest’s old industrial district, and you’ll find many converted spaces here. Élesztő is a craft beer heaven set in an old glass factory. The complex is vast, with an industrial appeal, which when combined with the craft beer-brewery feel, gives it a steampunk aesthetic.

In an Underground Parking Lot

Beat on the brat

photo: facebook.com/beatonthebratbp

Right in the heart of the old Jewish Quarter, take a second glance at the underground parking lot on Nagy Diófa utca. There is a small, compact bar inside the car park. Beat on the Brat is an alternative hangout which hosts a variety of themed nights, such as rock or indie events. Definitely a place to party with a difference.

In an Old Dental Lab

Fogas ház ruin pubs

photo: budapestphoto.net

You will have heard of Fogas Ház, which is one of Budapest’s most famous ruin bars, but did you know it used to be a dental lab? The name actually means “House of teeth” as a tribute to the building’s heritage. The large toothpaste in the main hall and the lips on top of the building are a cheeky nod to the dental practice, but the sign outside the building saying “Fogsor Javitás” is a vintage original.

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