Cosy bars to keep you warm in winter

Fekete kutya craft beer pub

06 Jan Cosy bars to keep you warm in winter

Winter is upon us and the urge to wrap up warm and stay inside altogether is strong. But, if you’re heading on holiday to Budapest during this time then hibernating in your hotel room for the whole weekend should not be an option.

Luckily, Budapest has an abundance of warm, cosy bars to welcome you with a drink after a few hours of wandering the streets. Here are a few of the best:




Probably one of the most well-known cellar bars in Budapest, Lampás is right in the center of the city’s trendy Jewish quarter. Blink and you’ll miss it, you enter through a metal door and descend some narrow stairs to be welcomed into a cosy bar, loosely arranged with mismatched furniture and well stocked with beers, wines and spirits.

The crowd you’ll find here is eclectic, especially come evening, thanks to the bar’s dedication to putting on live music performances almost every night – everything from jazz, rock and acoustic, to the occasional more experimental performance.

Location: Lámpás, 7 th district, Dob street 15.

El Rapido

El rapido


Not quite as cosy, but still underground and well worth the visit, El Rapido is a cross between a bar, flea market and living museum – thanks to the huge collection of toys and trinkets that adorn every wall of the premises.

The place is good for a party come the weekend and stocks one of the largest selections of tequila in the city. What’s more, there is a computer with YouTube loaded up ready for you to put on any song you want (watch out, competition to go next is high!) and a Mexican food place upstairs in case you get hungry.

Location: El Rapido, 7 th district, Kazinczy street 10.

Yellow Zebra Bar

Yellow Zebra Bar


This is the place you head if you want some great Czech beer. Close to both the preceding bars and a stone’s throw from the famous Szimpla ruin bar, this is another cellar bar, artfully arranged for maximum comfort and cosiness.

You’ll find an interesting crowd in here most nights and it’s very much a mingle-and-make-friends venue. The beers on tap rotate regularly and they have a kitchen putting out great pub-style comfort food.

Location: Yellow Zebra Bar, 7 th district, Kazinczy street 5.

Fekete Kutya

Fekete kutya craft beer pub


An oasis of calm, located right inside Budapest’s party district, Fekete Kutya is a favourite among locals on account of its great selection of Czech and Hungarian beers at modest prices and its cosy atmosphere – even at the height of the weekend.

What’s also not to be missed is the food menu which is just a little bit hipster without losing its Hungarian charm. For example, the grilled cheese sandwich with fig and cheese salad comes highly recommended.

Location: Fekete Kutya, 7 th district, Dob street 31.

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Kisüzem bohemien cultural bar


You’ll find Kisüzem located at little further out from the rest, but the walk is worth it to find this cute little place that mostly only locals frequent. It’s not the biggest bar in the world but seems to attract the biggest crowd on the weekends – however having to squeeze in gives you the chance to meet and get talking to some of Budapest’s alternative scenesters.

The thing worth raving about in here is their liquor shelf which is stocked with a respectably large selection of top-shelf quality rums, whiskeys and vodka. If you’re a beginner to all this tap the staff up for some recommendations – they know their stuff.

Location: Kisüzem, 7 th district, Kis Diófa street 2.

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