Street Art Guide

Budapest has many faces to show, already known for its bohemian atmosphere, electric nightlife, tasty cuisine and laidback cafe culture attitude, is now becoming known for something new – its fantastic street art scene.


The aim of this page is to give a guideline for those who might be interested in many aspects of exploring murals and street art. Find below the most relevant information:



Over 60 murals can be found all over the city, most of them are located in the downtown area, in the Jewish quarter but you can bump into some in another part of Budapest as well. So far, no one has mapped where visitors can find all of the murals, so we’ve gone ahead and created one – a comprehensive map of Budapest’s street art with the exact location and artists’ names.


Find the must see street art’s list in a colorful map (pdf). Download the map here.



Contemporary Budapest is a wonderful thing to behold, and nothing gives you a better insight into this side of the city than its street art – a scene that’s been boldly growing and constantly pushing creative boundaries over the last few years. On this tour, we’re going to give you an insider look at the history, the culture, and the creative context.



Have you ever dreamed of the thrill of popping open a fresh spray can and actually plastering a piece of street art on the wall somewhere?


We’ve partnered with some of the best local graffiti artists in all of Budapest to turn that dream into a reality. Learn the ropes from the people who electrify our cityscape with so much soul and color.

The Hidden Mini Statues Tour


Discover an unique features of Budapest’s public art scene: the mini statues and learn about Budapest’s history and culture throughout the background stories of the artworks. Listen to interesting stories about guerilla-sculptor Mihály Kolodko and his artworks.

The teaser of the Street Art Tour

Rubik's cube mural

Take a walk through of the Budapest’s inner 7th District,you’ll find street art and murals one empty firewalls or on crumbling walls of old apartment blocks…

Bamamo Budapest Street Art

Meet five original street artists from Budapest whose works are blossoming around the streets of Budapest.

Noemi Nadudvari Szines Varos Street Art Festival

We talked to Noémi Nádudvari, curator of the Színes Város Festival about organizing street art festivals and the state of the Budapest street art scene.

The gret wall mural by Fatheat

Follow our guide where to find the various form of street art in Budapest: murals, stencils, graffiti, and paste ups and find some of the best examples.

Sunrise or sunset in Budapest

Budapest is now becoming known for it’s fantastic street art scene. Find the most comprehensive street art map of Budapest and a guide to the mural scene.

Miss KK the Hungarian female street artist

The works of Hungarian street artist Miss KK can be seen all over the city. We talked with the artist, about artistic inspiration, motivations and methods.

0036Mark Hungarian street artist

In the work of Hungarian street artist 0036Mark the cartoon characters of the communist era come back to life spiced up with pop-cultural allusions.

Herzl Tivadar guerilla statue

What do a murdered squirrel and Hungarian puppet have in common? They are all the hidden mini statues of Mihály Kolodko, a guerilla-sculptor.

Macskafogo mural Budapest - based on an iconic animated film from 1986

There are new murals in the gentrifying VIII District of Budapest with references to Hungarian cartoons from the communist era.

Street Art Photos