What is the national drink of Hungary?

The national drink of Hungary is Pálinka and Unicum.


What is a Hungarian Pálinka?
Pálinka is a very strong traditional spirit made of many different types of fruit.


Hungarian palinka
Hungarian pálinka. Photo: wikimedia.org


How strong is Pálinka?
Pálinka is a strong drink with an alcohol content that ranges from 37% to 55%.


What does Pálinka taste like?
Pálinka tastes like burnish alcohol with a taste of fruit, depending on what fruit it was made of.


How do you drink Pálinka?
The best way to drink pálinka is a little amount (3 cl or 5cl) to swallow and taste the distinct flavors in your mouth.
Pálinka is the best when it is served at 16-17 degrees Celsius in order to enjoy the scent of the spirit.


What is Unicum?
Unicum is a very strong dark-colored herbal liquor drunk usually as a digestif. It’s one of Hungary’s most well-known national drinks made of different herbs.


Unicum. Photo: dailynewshungary.com

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