What are the most popular street foods in Budapest?

Lángos (Langosh)

Langosh (lángos) is a deep-fried savory dough topped with grated cheese and sour cream, lángos is the most popular Hungarian street food, you can get lángos all over the city.


Langosh (Lángos). Photo: streetkitchen.hu

Kürtöskalács (Chimney cake)

Kürtös kalács, also known as chimney cake, this sweet brioche type bread glazed with sugar is cooked over coals or over an oven before being rolled in cinnamon, nuts, or cocoa, among other toppings. It’s more of a seasonal treat, you’ll find it in all the Christmas markets, but you can still try it off-season.


Kürtöskalács (Chimeny cake). Photo: cukrom.hu

Breaded fried cheese

While most Hungarian dishes are meat-heavy, fried cheese offers a veggie option on the Hungarian menu. The deep-fried cheese is usually served with french fries or rice, mayonnaise and salad.


Breaded fried cheee.

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