Are taxis safe in Budapest?

In general, it’s safe to use taxis in Budapest since they work with a fixed price table (the base price is 1100 HUF, the distance-based fare is 440 HUF/ per kilometer, the waiting fee (110 HUF/min).


The best option for a ride would be Bolt’s mobile app or one of the reliable taxi companies like Főtaxi and Tele5 Taxi.


All official taxis are yellow and you can spot the taxi company’s logo on the top of the car and on the door.


NEVER use a taxi with a Freelancer sign indicated in black color on the car. These taxis don’t belong to any of the official taxi companies and they are not reliable. They might charge you 2-5 times more than the usual rate.

NEVER use a taxi with a Freelancer sign. Photo: