Bike Friendly Budapest

Mol bubi bike

Bike Friendly Budapest

Budapest is a city where it’s easy to rent a bike and ride along with various bicycle lanes and trails. If you’re looking to see the city in a different way, here’s some tips to get a two wheeled experience of the city on your next visit.

Where to Rent

Mol bubi bike


Renting a bike during your stay in Budapest is easy, especially since you’ll find a number of companies offering bike rentals for reasonable prices per day. Budapest Bike or Yellow Zebra offer bikes and even bike tours, but one of the easiest ways to grab a bike and go is with the MOL BuBi bikes.

If you wander around the city, you’ll see these apple green bike stations all around. This bike sharing system is easy to use. You can either buy a single use ticket for 24 hours to a week, or get a pass for longer periods, such as a month to a year. You simply use the ID and PIN code with your ticket on the bike at the depot and then dock it when you’re done at another bike station. The great thing about the MOL BuBi bikes is you can simply take it, ride it to another part of the city and then leave it at one of the 112 docking stations all over the city.

Where to Ride

Budapest bike route


Bike routes are often marked in the city, and you can find these on Andrássy Avenue, on the Danube Banks and around the city. Margaret Island is a haven for cyclists as cars are banned from the island (except for the BKK public transport buses). The island stretches for 2.5km long, and its circumference measures 5km, so if you want to let off some two wheeled steam, it’s a good route.

Another is to cycle along the Danube in Buda from Batthyány tér to Római Part and even beyond to Szentendre. You’ll find a great biking lane here that takes you right alongside the Danube. Stop in one of the bike friendly cafés on the way, like Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró.

Sightseeing by bike

Bike tour in Budapest

If you want to explore Budapest by bike we recommend to do a tour with Baja Bikes. They offer tours and bike rental in Budapest and in many other cities. They have a wide variety of tour options, their most popular activity is the Highlights Tour during which you can get an overview of Budapest in 2.5 hours.

They also offer private tours, as well as a Retro Tour, focusing on history, and a Budapest Danube river tour, which takes you out of the city center down the river towards Szentendre. You can book a bike tour here.

Where to Get Your Bike Fixed

bike service


Bikes can get broken, and if you bought your own bike with you, or you bought one second hand and need some help, then visit a bicycle repair collective, like Cyclonomia in the XIII District. You also have Strike Bike next to Szimpla ruin bar  on Kazinczy street for bike repairs and second hand bikes.

Where to Get a Coffee with Your Bike



For a bike friendly coffee, or you’re looking for a place to get your bike serviced along with a mean latte, Mesterbike + Coffee Project is a great place to stop by if you’re in the IX District. You can buy bike parts, enjoy a great cup of coffee and chat with other bike lovers.

Alternative culture spot Aurora also has decent bike parking for your two wheeler, and most of the outdoor spaces in Buda along the Danube, or Kertem in city park, are great for bringing your bike with you.


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