Best vintage shops in Budapest

Szputnyik vintage shop

Best vintage shops in Budapest

Finding a garment with plenty of history to wear is easy to do in Budapest if you know where to look. Get out there and find that perfect retro outfit with our top picks and tips for Budapest’s best vintage shops.

Cydonia Tea Room & Vintage

Cydonia Vintage shop


If you love English tea served on antique porcelain while doing a spot of vintage shopping, then Cydonia is the place for you. While this tiny little tea room is a charming place for a hot drink and a slice of homemade cake, head upstairs to the mezzanine for their curated selection of vintage clothes and accessories.

Location: Cydonia Tea Room & Vintage, VII district, Akácfa street 37-39.

LoveBug Vintage

Lovebug vintage shop


This hidden showroom just off Margit Körút is the perfect place to go vintage hunting. Located in a private ground floor apartment you’ll need to ring a doorbell to get into the flat, but once in you’ll find an Aladdin’s Cave of clothing, shoes, accessories and jewellery. You may even find some items as low as 500HUF (around 1,5 Euro). LoveBug Vintage feels more akin to a treasure trove of pre-loved items, and it’s an adventure to sift through the garments on the rack or peruse everything on display.

Location: LoveBug Vintage, II district, Margit krt. 62.


Jajcica vintage shop


In a basement in the VIII District, Jajcica is a jumble of retro costumes from 1980s workout gear to vintage kaftans and biker leather. Whichever era you’re looking for, you can find it here. The shop is huge and it’s easy to get lost in and spend hours looking at different bits and pieces to play dress up in or find the perfect piece that you’re looking for.

Location: Jajcica, VIth district, Szondi street 58.


Szputnyik vintage shop


Szputnyik does things a little bit more differently, as it combines the old and the new together in its downtown shops. You’ll find contemporary design hand-in-hand with vintage items, offering individual fashionistas the chance to find something truly unique. They have two shops – one on Dohány street just up from the Grand Synagogue and on Király street nearby.

Location: Szputnyik, VII th district, Dohány street 20.


Retrock vintage shop


If you’re on the hunt for vintage clothing, then a stop at the largest vintage and designer store in the country is a must. Retrock fills up a 300m2 shop mixing up not only vintage clothing picked out from all across the world, but also designer pieces from the 1960s-1990s. So you may find a unique Chanel or Dior piece that just gets better with age!

Location: Retrock, Vth district, Anker köz 2.

Vintage Shop


Does what it says on the tin, this vintage shop tucked in close to the Körút on Práter street is a jumble of clothes and garments. You’ll find old theatre gowns side by side with unique belts and scarves. Make sure you ask to see the basement part too, where you can find every kind of clothing item imaginable. You’ll find coats, bags, hats along with skirts and trousers, and you can also find quite a few bargains here.  

Location: Vintage shop, VIII th district, Práter street 9.


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