Best outdoor venues in Budapest

Kőleves kert ruin pub

Best outdoor venues in Budapest

Summer in the city can be glorious, but it can make you hot, sticky and sweaty. When those balmy evenings come round, you may want to escape with a fröccs onto Budapest’s outdoor terraces, or simply catch a spot of sun with a cold beer and friends.

While Budapest is a busy city, you can find some al fresco sanctuaries that are perfect for making those unforgettable summer memories. Check out our tips for the coolest outdoor bars and chill out venues in Budapest.

Pagony Kert

Pagony kert


Everyone loves having a drink in a cool swimming pool, but Pagony Kert does it differently. Located in the abandoned pools once belonging to the Gellért Thermal Baths, this curious bar has been set up in the drained and disused pools that have been cut off by the nearby road. All the characteristics of this historic bath are in place from the lanterns to the tiles, but instead of water you’ll find tables and chairs here. You get waiter service to the tables, with great drinks and food you can enjoy anytime of day.

Location: Pagony Kert, XI district, Kemenes street 10.



Kertem was the original ruin bar in City Park, which sadly closed down for a while, much to everyone’s disappointment. The good news is Kertem has reopened nearby, and is the best place to go and have a drink up in City Park. The bar is a simple terrace next to the grand Olof Palme House, but in the summer its festive and mellow feel always keeps people coming back for more.

Location: Kertem, XIV district, Olof Palme street 1.

Két Rombusz

Két rombusz


Római Part is the place to be in the summer, and Két Rombusz is one of the best spots. Its name means two ruined buses, and there is a reason for that. At the heart of the yard, you’ll find two vintage double-decker buses – one of which houses a bar. You can go up in the bus, or stay in the yard. If you want to do a barbecue, you can book a fireplace and a grill free of charge, just bring your own kindling as you can find plenty of wood in storage. Expect to spend a good afternoon or evening here if you choose to do that, though, so bring plenty of food, and just top up your drinks at the bar.

Location: Két Rombusz, III district, Római part 45.


Fellini open air bar Budapest


Further up Római Part, Fellini is the place to be on the Danube in the summer. This outdoor bar and café comes with multicoloured deck chairs linking the Danube beach, making it the perfect place when you feel like spending the day by the water and simply relax. Budapest may not have a sea, but Fellini is the closest you’ll get to a day at the beach.

Location: Fellini, III district, Kossuth Lajos üdölőpart 5.

Fruska Picnic Bistro

Fruska bistro


Kopászi Gát lies off the beaten track in the southern part of Buda. It was once a dam used with the Kelenföld Power Station, and has since been converted into a stretch of parkland and cafés. One of the best places to chill out for the summer is Fruska Picnic Bistro, where you can eat and drink at the café or grab one of their picnic baskets to go, so you can settle down on one of the green, grassy spots along the dam.

Location: FRUSKA picnic & bistro, XI district, Kopaszi gát 13.

Kőleves Kert

Kőleves kert ruin pub


At the heart of the VII District, Kőleves Kert offers a refuge from the chaos of downtown life. Set in a former abandoned plot, this seasonal venue is entirely alfresco, with benches, barrels and fairy lights giving the site a festive feel. You can grab drinks from the bar or snacks. It’s a shady place to hide when the summer heat gets too much.

Location: Kőleves Kert, VII district, Kazinczy street 41.


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