Best daily menus in Budapest

Kőleves restaurant in the Jewish quarter

25 Nov Best daily menus in Budapest

If you visit a city as a tourist with no fellows around, or you don’t know locals at all, it can be truly hard to find the best places in town, even if it’s a club, a small gallery a nice café or in this case, the best value for money restaurants where all the cool locals go.

Of course, you can choose the fancy restaurants around the touristy areas, for example the Váci street or around the Basilica, but most of those places not as nice as pricy they are. So get a real experience, get amazing food, and get them for the best price. Whichever you would choose, you can’t be wrong. Come on, let’s check them out.

Kőleves restaurant

Kőleves restaurant in the Jewish quarter


Kőleves is is on the most frequented street of the ruin pub area, the Kazinczy street. They have daily menu for lunch, changing every day, what usually is typical Hungarian “Granny-made” food we all love. No, not the “Goulasch” or the stew. The menu always starts with a soup, luckily never contains stones, then you can choose a main: meaty (1250 HUF, around 4 Euro) or veggie (1000 HUF, around 3 Euro). They always mark what is gluten or milk free.

Contact details

7th District, Kazinczy street 41.

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+36 1 322 1011

Monday-Friday: 11.30-13.00


400 restaurant


Around 100 meters from Kőleves restaurant, there’s our equally favourite 400 with nice beers and nice daily menu. They are actually pretty similar, but the food here is a bit more Mediterranean-like sometimes. The two course daily menu has a soup and a veggie or meaty main with a daily drink on the side, and the price is around 1000-1300 HUF (around 4 Euro). Give it a try.

Contact details

7th District, Kazinczy street 52/B.

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+36 20 776 0765

Monday-Friday: 12:00–14:30

Castro Bistro

Castro bistro


The Castro Bistro’s three course daily menu is always so exciting that we cannot resist to visit from time to time. Yes, we always start the lunch with a soup, as they know it well. You have a veggie and meaty option here too, but here not just the main, the soup can be chosen too, and they come with the same amazing dessert. Prices slighlty vary, usually around 1500 HUF (around 5 Euro).

Contact details

5th District, Madách Imre sqr. 3.

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+ 36 30 214 6466

Monday-Friday: 12:00–13:30

Jelen Bistro

Jelen restaurant


Jelen Bistro is just a few minutes’ walk out of the ruin pub area, there’s an old socialist shopping centre on Blaha square. Just walk around and you’ll find Jelen, a lively place with an antique-like atmosphere infused by the new century. They have a fixed price menu – 1490 HUF (around 5 Euro) – includes three courses, you can choose from various starters (salad or soup), mains (for some of them you need to add a little extra money, but worth it) and an enticing dessert. 

Contact details

8th District, Blaha Lujza sqr. 1-2

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+36 20 344 3155

Monday-Friday: 12:00–14:00

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