5 Cosy Spots Worth Visiting in Budapest’s District VIII

ISBN Gallery and Bookshop

5 Cosy Spots Worth Visiting in Budapest’s District VIII

Walk through Budapest’s Jewish Quarter and it’s impossible to miss the buzz and energy of your surroundings – the area’s reputation as a party district is not un-earned. That said, maybe you’re seeking something more cozy and relaxed, but wondering whether such places even exist. Well, fear not! They do in the District VIII, and we’re going to point you in the right direction.

Arany Tacskó Bistro

Arany Tacsko bistro

Photo: welovebudapest.com

Hungry travellers would do well to make their first stop of that day at the ever-charming Arany Tacskó – a bistro which greets you with vibrant, colorful furniture and kitsch artwork adorning every wall. Our favorite touch in this place are the signs on the bathroom doors – Mary / Jesus.

Grab a seat for lunch and you’ll be treated to some Hungarian staples lovingly cooked by a hardworking and hospitable staff. Soup is a must-have with every meal and their lecsó is a firm favorite. Meat, pasta, and ratatouille can also be found on the menu – so a few visits to this place over the course of your visit might be in order.

Kabinet Galéria

Kabinet Galéria

Photo: facebook.com/kabinetgaleria/

Fancy some souvenir shopping that will also help a good cause? Well then, a visit to Kabinet Galéria is in order. Found in the tranquil Palace Quarter – worth exploring in its own right – this gallery is stocked to the brim with great fashion and creative home pieces – all skillfully designed and made by locals.

A purchase here will provide money to several NGOs doing important work to help children in poverty and with disabilities – a worthy cause if ever there was one.

Verkstaden Budapest

Verkstaden Budapest

Photo: facebook.com/verkstaden.budapest

Those of you that are fans of silkscreen should pay a visit to Verkstaden Budapest – a gallery selling the output of local freelance artists. Stylish clothes and chic bags are on offer here and have various inspiring messages printed on them – a window into the thoughts and ideas of the artists that made them.

What’s more, if you’re interested in learning more about their craft, they host regular workshops where you can try your hand at screen printing.

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ISBN Gallery and Bookshop

ISBN Gallery and Bookshop

Photo: facebook.com/isbnbooksgallery

Yet another gallery makes our list, but this one is a little bit unique. Ever wondered what happens to all the material once an exhibition ends? Well, if you’re lucky, you might just find some of it at the ISBN Gallery and Bookshop.

Stop in, browse, and buy something if you fancy, you’ll be supporting a local artist and entrepreneur and helping to stop valuable work from getting forgotten. And, check ahead, because this place regularly hosts in own exhibitions.

BRFK Gallery

BRFK Gallery

Photo: facebook.com/brfkgallery

And, one more gallery to round out our collection, this time BRFK Galéria which sports a particularly unusual vibe and welcomes artists with the same outlook. Just a stone’s throw from the Rákóczi Market Hall, this place hosts photography exhibitions that are sure to have you stopping and staring for a while. Their focus is urban art and they aim to have you reflect more on the cityscape around you.

Another unusual touch – they have a fruit juicer in case you want to make use of it for anything nice you may have bought in the market next door.


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