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Fifteen years ago, Budapest’s now-pulsating seventh district — also known as Erzsébetváros — was a derelict neighborhood filled with abandoned buildings.Then, a sprawling old factory was converted into Szimpla Kert, a “ruin pub” with rooms sporting thrift-store furniture and a massive outdoor patio.

The new pub helped transform the city’s Jewish Quarter into a mecca of cool, underground culture.Read the full article >

Mural in Budapest's 7th district

“Budapestflow is the natural progression of Attila’s passion for wandering. ‘Flow’ means getting lost in the details of the city – be it a stunning art nouveau façade, a street art piece or a hidden garden. It means grasping the soul of the district, reading its past and present on the walls, and listening to the thousands of stories that make this district unique in the Budapest panorama.


Attila’s tours are a dérive in the literary sense of the word. We met, and started wandering together. He stopped wherever it took his fancy, not necessarily following a chronological order or a set schedule – rather, he seemed to have an uncanny sixth sense, and knew exactly the places we would’ve liked best.” –  Read the full article >

Szimpla ruin bar

“It would be easy to label the burgeoning creative scene in Budapest’s District VII as merely just another hipster fad. In fact many do. Yet when walking around District VII (the old Jewish neighborhood) in this eclectic metropolis, one becomes aware of two things: young Hungarians are an incredibly creative bunch, and the proliferation of funky shops and bars here is more a case of working with what you’ve got than a passing trend. Last week I took a tour of this ever-changing neighborhood with Budapestflow.


Budapestflow guides visitors through galleries, bookshops, street food stalls, murals and the now world famous ruin pubs. When I signed up for the tour I expected a pub crawl and readied my liver for a night of beer gulping. What I got was a cultural experience and insight into a movement based on community and creativity.” – Read the full article >

Mural in the 7th district of Budapest

“If you’re coming to Budapest, visiting some of the ruin pubs is probably on the top of your list. But did you know that Budapest’s 7th district offers so much more than a great night out in these cool bars? In fact, the neighborhood is full of interesting stores, design shops, street art and restaurants.


We were recently invited to explore the 7th district with Budapestflow that offers alternative tours for visitors who are interested in learning about the area beyond the ruin pubs.” – Read the full article >

Flea market in a ruinpub of the 7th district of Budapest

“There are hundreds of guided tours in Budapest and this one is not the only one offering a Jewish quarter wanderings. However this one has something special to offer and aims at a bit different audience (sorry, stag party boys!). The biggest advantage of this tour is the size of the group and the fact that it can be tailor-made according to your wishes. So, what I experienced is just one version of it.


I would recommend it to people that want to be guided by the local, discover places that even Lonely Planet would not tell them about and get a gist of the ruin pub spirit without drinking one.” – Read the full article >


“We discovered a company called Budapestflow, owned and ran by the amazing Attila, he offers an alternative ruin bar tour, not only visiting the popular ruin bars but also takes you to sites around the Jewish quarter that many tourists rarely visit or don’t even know exist.


We highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to visit the Jewish quarter in Budapest and uncover its hidden gems, rather than sitting in a ruin bar getting drunk” – Read the full article >